New Single ‘Honey’ + Video



After the release of a completely new edit of "Chaos In My House," in June 2017, the band started to work on a second album last December. They choose Enrico Tiberi (Nrec), a producer based in Berlin, formed by Chad Blake, iconic producer of Tom Waits, Arctic Monkeys, American Music Club or Peter Gabriel to work on production and electronic enlightenment.

The band recorded the track in East Berlin in the abandoned basements of old buildings initially owned by the Ministry for State Security during the cold war. A song about isolation and confinement.

The single will be released on Vincent's label "Victorialand Records" and come along with a dance theater video.



An artist of rare caliber, whose broad and restrained gait leaves nothing untouched except materials that do not vibrate, Vincent Stockholm hides behind Early Spring Horses since the first album "What the Wood Whispers to Itself" released in 2017, hailed by independent music critics in France and elsewhere in Europe (The Inrocks, Froggy's delight, Benzine, New Noise Mag, Radio3 etc.).

Born in Sweden but living in France since his early childhood, Vincent Stockholm meets harpist Arthur Wilmotte in Toulouse (Fr), on the ashes of This is Alaska, his previous project with Harrisonburg (Virginia, USA) singer Folk Annabeth McNamara. "I started writing music as a folk guru, telling stories of ghosts and lost love but I had musical obsessions, Michael Nyman and other minimalist composers like Glass or Riley, John Cage came a little later. The Land Art came back in a loop without really understanding the reasons, appearing as subliminal images, and I began to frantically collect photographs of forms and architectures by Michael Heizer such as "Complex City."

Vincent composes, records, plays almost every instrument on his first album and it is with cunning that he disappears behind his music; each note, each word, and each arrangement are posed with intelligence and inventiveness while remaining Pop. Piano, harp, electronic sounds, and a voice sometimes poorly compared to Antony Hegarty, so his signature is special, soft, enveloping. "I was not meant to be a singer, but all my singers abandoned me, so I started to sing myself," tells Stockholm, "I'm still in training ...".

For this new album, Vincent remains accompanied by harpist Arthur Wilmotte, and a double bass player joined them: Ingrid Obled. The band has been in residence in Berlin and Toulouse since February with the producer Enrico Tiberi (Nrec) to record the second album. "Berlin is a city where creativity has no boundaries, many artists have come to live there, and the genres cross, artists with different influences and backgrounds exchange without barrier, I feel good, it's an ideal bath for creation, there is no judgment on where you come from and what you look like". Enrico Tiberi (Nrec) is a Berlin-based producer, formed by Chad Blake, iconic producer of Tom Waits, Arctic Monkeys, American Music Club,and Peter Gabriel. He has published numerous songs for Sony and Universal artists as well as for many independent labels.

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